Homeaglow vs The Maids - Cleaning Service Review Comparison

What’s it like when you hire a Homeaglow cleaner versus The Maids to clean your home? Compare Homeaglow and The Maids based on prices, what cleaners get paid, and more.

Comparing the 5 best house cleaning service companies

More than 10,000 homes are cleaned every week by cleaners on Homeaglow, an average of one home cleaned every minute. Cleaners on Homeaglow also have more than 500,000 5-star reviews from happy customers.

But is Homeaglow the right choice for you when compared to The Maids? To help you decide, we’ve created a direct comparison that includes pricing, reviews, services, and more.

The Maids vs Homeaglow

Homeaglow The Maids
Coverage 1500+ Cities across all 50 States 90 Cities across 40 US States & Canada
Standard Hourly Rate $48/hr $100/hr+
Introductory Offer 3 hours for $19
Reduced Hourly Rate for Members $18/hr with ForeverClean Membership
Share Membership Discount w/ Family
Happiness Guarantee
24/7 Online Booking
Choose Your Cleaner
Keep Regular Cleaner
Cleaners Background Checked
Additional Services Included
For example, laundry if booked time remaining.
Cleaning Products Provided
Book a Homeaglow Cleaning

The Maids pricing and costs

The Maids charges from around $100 / hour which is a medium to upper-level price for cleaning services. To get an exact price in your area, you’ll need to complete a form and are likely to require a visit from a The Maids franchisee. As such, getting a price and beginning with The Maids can take some time.

Homeaglow is more open about pricing than The Maids and booking is simpler. Cleaners on Homeaglow charge an average of $48/hour to clean your home. If you take a ForeverClean membership at a monthly charge, you’ll be able to book cleaners for as little as $18/hour. Booking a cleaner on Homeaglow can be done at any time online and doesn’t require a consult or home visit prior to booking.

The Maids cost per hour

The Maids charge an average of $100 plus per hour of cleaning. This is double or more than you would pay for a cleaner through Homeaglow.

The Maids cleaning service

You are likely to receive a similar cleaning service through The Maids and Homeaglow, but Homeaglow lets you choose your cleaner and includes additional services.

What’s included in a basic cleaning?

Exactly what’s included in your cleaning from The Maids will depend on what you agree to prior to your cleaning taking place. The same is true of cleaners on Homeaglow.

Both The Maids and cleaners on Homeaglow can clean your entire home and a basic clean is likely to include all the major rooms in your home. Depending on your needs, each room is likely to be dusted, tidied, vacuumed, mopped, and have surfaces sanitized.

The Maids advertises a 22-step process that lays out the steps they take to clean an entire house. In layman's terms, this means each room is dusted, tidied, vacuumed, mopped, and surfaces are sanitized. Cleaners on Homeaglow use the same 22 steps by default when cleaning an entire home.

The major difference between The Maids and Homeaglow is the ability to choose the person who cleans your home. The Maids allocates cleaners based on where you live and when you want your home cleaned. You’re unable to choose who cleans your home.

Homeaglow, on the other hand, allows you to choose your own cleaner based on their experience, ratings, and bio. This ensures you can have confidence in who is coming to your home. You can also try a range of cleaners before settling on your favorite for recurring cleaning.

Additional services

Both The Maids and Homeaglow offer additional services, but only Homeaglow offers them at no additional charge (when they fit within your booked cleaning time).

For an extra charge, The Maids will perform a variety of services including window cleaning, cleaning inside cabinets, and cleaning inside your fridge. The extra services available to you will depend on the services offered by The Maids franchisee in your area. Prices for extra services are only available when you contact customer support.

Additional services offered by Homeaglow include washing and drying your laundry, cleaning your interior windows, cleaning inside your fridge, cleaning inside your cabinets, cleaning inside your oven, and cleaning your baseboards. To request these services, simply discuss them with your cleaner prior to your cleaning taking place. Extra services are charged at the same flat rate as the rest of your cleaning.

The Maids reviews

Molly Maid and Homeaglow have a variety of reviews across a range of platforms. Homeaglow customers leave 25,500 5-star reviews per month. This compares to an all-time total for Molly Maid of 2,788 reviews on Yelp.

To look at what people are saying, we visited Yelp. The following are examples of positive and negative reviews left about Molly Maid and Homeaglow.

The Maids example reviews

Positive: “The Green Team did a good job on our 4 bedroom 2.5 bathroom home today. We appreciated the quality service provided by friendly professional.”

Negative: “I will never use this company again in my life and never recommend any my friends or relatives.”

Homeaglow example reviews

Positive: “Happy with my cleaner and with Homeaglow for helping me discover and book great and affordable cleaners like Kevin”

Negative: “I have to give props to the cleaner for moving mountains to get to my house, but lack of communication was very frustrating.”

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The Maids jobs: what's it like to work for The Maids?

When you work for The Maids, you work for a franchisee who sets your hourly wage and is responsible for hiring you. When choosing whether you work for The Maids, we suggest that you check conditions and pay rates in your area before you begin.

Working conditions

When you work for The Maids, you’ll be employed by a franchisee in your area. The conditions of your employment will depend on which state you live in. You’ll be required to commit to certain hours and you won’t be able to choose which houses you clean and which you don’t.

When you work through Homeaglow, you’re your own boss and you set your own hours. You get to choose who you work for and at which times of the day you want to do your cleaning work. This can be beneficial if you have other commitments, like kids, or a second job you need to work around.

Pay rate

The rates paid by The Maids will depend on the franchisee you work for and in which state you live. The Maids does not publish their pay rates openly.

At Homeaglow, we’re committed to cleaners receiving a living wage. To help you achieve this, you choose your own pay rate when you work with Homeaglow. This ensures that you receive what you see as a fair wage for your time worked. With Homeaglow, you also get paid weekly which can make budgeting and paying bills simpler.

If you’d like to start earning a decent wage as a cleaner, become a cleaner on Homeaglow.

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