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Cleaners cost less when you book with Homeaglow

600,000+ reviews

Top-rated cleaners

Pick from a big range of cleaners. All are certified, background-checked, and ready for you to browse.

Affordable rates

Cleaners on Homeaglow are competing for your business. They offer sharper prices than you'll find anywhere else.

Easy, online booking

Easily rebook the same great cleaner, or try another. Homeaglow gives you direct contact with your cleaner.


How much does Homeaglow cost?

Homeaglow is the easiest and most affordable way to book a 5-star cleaner. Become a member and get your first cleaning for as low as $19. Subsequent cleanings cost as low as $18/hour, a savings of $30/hour when enrolled in the ForeverClean membership. Share your membership with friends and families at no charge and they’ll receive the same low prices.

Your first home cleaning from just $9!

When you enroll in the ForeverClean membership, your first cleaning is heavily reduced in price, starting at $9 for 2 hours. You’re unlikely to find a better price anywhere else.


For 2 hours


For 3 hours


For 4 hours


For 6 hours

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Get subsequent cleanings from $20/hour

As a subscriber, your subsequent cleanings are heavily reduced in cost, saving you $30/hour on all cleaners.


ForeverClean Membership hourly rate

$50/hr Standard hourly rate

Best Value

How membership works

Homeaglow’s lowest prices are available to ForeverClean members only. Membership costs $49/month. Your membership discounts are transferrable and can be used by your friends and families, saving them all $30/hour on their cleanings.

Support your local community with Homeaglow

When you book a cleaning through Homeaglow, 100% of cleaning fees and tips go directly to your cleaner

Book a top-rated house cleaner in 3 easy steps

How does Homeaglow work?


Select a date and time.

Whether you need a cleaning tomorrow or next month, there's always a cleaner that fits your schedule.


Choose your cleaner.

Browse the profiles and images of cleaners before selecting the right one for your home.



Your cleaner will arrive at the scheduled time and give your home a clean you'll love.

Homeaglow pricing and costs FAQ

How much does Homeaglow really cost?

The first cleaning costs between $9 for 2 hours and $79 for 6 hours. Subsequent cleanings cost as little as $18/hour and the ForeverClean membership fee costs $49/month.

How much is Homeaglow for first cleaning?

As a member, the first cleaning you book through Homeaglow will cost you $9 for 2 hours, $19 for 3 hours, $39 for 4 hours, or $79 for 6 hours.

How much is Homeaglow after first cleaning?

As a member, subsequent cleanings booked through Homeaglow start at $18/hour and are discounted by $30/hour. The exact price will depend on your location.

How much do cleaners get paid on Homeaglow?

Cleaners booked through Homeaglow receive 100% of cleaning costs and tips. Only your ForeverClean membership fee is used to maintain and grow the Homeaglow platform.

Book your first cleaning for as low as $19

Get a fantastic clean for a fantastic price with Homeaglow’s introductory offer for new customers in.