Merry Maids Cleaning Service Review

How does the Merry Maids cleaning service stack up in real life? Compare the service based on prices, what cleaners get paid, and more.

Comparing the 5 best house cleaning service companies

Over 10,000 homes a week are cleaned by cleaners on Homeaglow. That’s an average of at least one home cleaned every minute. Cleaners on Homeaglow also have more than 500,000 5-star reviews from happy customers.

But are we the right choice for you as compared to Merry Maids? To help you choose between the two, we’ve created a direct comparison that includes pricing, services, wages, and more.

Merry Maids versus Homeaglow

Homeaglow Merry Maids
Coverage 1500+ Cities across all 50 States 485 locations across 48 States
Standard Hourly Rate $48/hr $130/hr
Introductory Offer 3 hours for $19
Reduced Hourly Rate for Members $18/hr with ForeverClean Membership
Share Membership Discount w/ Family
Happiness Guarantee
24/7 Online Booking
Choose Your Cleaner
Keep Regular Cleaner
Cleaners Background Checked
Additional Services Included
For example, laundry if booked time remaining.
Cleaning Products Provided
Book a Cleaning

Merry Maids pricing and costs

Merry Maids charges an average hourly rate of $130/hour for their cleaning service. To get an exact price for your home, you need to contact Merry Maids for an estimate which usually entails a visit to your home.

Pricing through Homeaglow is more transparent than with Merry Maids. When you book a cleaner through Homeaglow you’ll pay an average of $48/hour. If you become a ForeverClean member, you’ll pay a monthly membership fee and hire cleaners for as low as $18/hour. You can book on Homeaglow at any time and no initial consultation or home visit is required.

Merry Maids cost per hour

Merry Maids charges on average $130/hour to clean your home. This is at the upper end of hourly cleaning costs and is more than double the average hourly rate for Homeaglow.

Merry Maids cleaning service

What’s included in a basic clean

Homeaglow and Merry Maids offer similar items in a basic clean. Commonly included are bedrooms, living room, common areas, bathroom, and kitchen. With both cleaning services, you’ll agree on what will be cleaned prior to the cleaning taking place.

Merry Maids cleaners provide cleaning materials and products when they come. Cleaners on Homeaglow do the same, meaning you don’t need to provide anything on the day. Methods used to clean your rooms will also be similar, with a focus on removing debris and dust, sanitizing surfaces, tidying, and vacuuming/mopping your floors.

The main differentiator will be the level of dedication, experience, and commitment of the cleaner or cleaners that visit you on the day. Merry Maids does not allow you to choose your cleaner, instead allocating cleaners based on where you live and the time you’d like your cleaning done. Merry Maids does not give you the opportunity to see reviews or experience levels of their cleaners.

On Homeaglow, you can choose exactly who cleans your home, based on thousands of reviews, cleaner bios, and the number of cleaning jobs they’ve done. This allows you to select a cleaner with confidence, knowing who will be cleaning your home and how others have rated their work. With Homeaglow, you can also change cleaners whenever you like, allowing you to try several cleaners before setting on your favorite.

Additional services

Merry Maids do not offer any additional services, whereas Homeaglow offers a variety of additional services. Homeaglow also includes additional services at no extra charge, as long as performing the extras fits within the amount of time you’ve booked.

On Homeaglow, you can choose from the following additional services: washing and drying laundry, cleaning interior windows, cleaning inside fridge, cleaning inside cabinets, and cleaning inside your oven, and cleaning baseboards.

Merry Maids reviews

Merry Maids and Homeaglow have a variety of reviews across a range of platforms. Homeaglow customers leave 25,500 5-star reviews per month. This compares to an all-time total for Merry Maids of 3,621 reviews on Yelp.

To give you some examples of what people are saying about Merry Maids versus Homeaglow, we drew the following example reviews from Yelp.

Example Merry Maids reviews

Positive: “Everything is sparkling clean! Love it!”

Negative: The cleaning was expensive and just ok. The staff, all of whom seemed very nice, have too many homes in a single day for them to be able to do a good job.

Example Homeaglow reviews

Positive: “My oven looks like new. My fridge shined and my microwave cart cleaned. Everything was done with patience and a smile.”

Negative: “I have to give props to the cleaner for moving mountains to get to my house, but lack of communication was very frustrating.”

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Merry Maids jobs: what's it like to work for Merry Maids?

When you work for Merry Maids, you’re actually working for a franchise in your area. The area you live in and the franchisee you work for will impact your rights and what you get paid. If you’re considering working for Merry Maids, we suggest you investigate the pay rates and conditions in your area first.

Working conditions

Working at Merry Maids means you’ll be working for one of the individual franchisees that pay money to the Merry Maids brand to operate under their name. Your rights and responsibilities are likely to differ depending on in which state your particular franchisee operates. You aren’t able to choose which homes you clean and when you work.

On the other hand, with Homeaglow, you are your own boss and you choose when you work and for whom. You set your own hours and choose which cleaning jobs you want to take on. This means you can structure your work around existing commitments like your family or other work. You also get paid on a weekly basis, making budgeting and paying bills simpler.

Pay rate

Being paid fairly for your work is important. Unfortunately, Merry Maids doesn’t clearly disclose what their cleaners are paid. Based on job ads, some franchisees appear to pay cleaners from $16/hour.

Unlike some other cleaning services, Homeaglow is dedicated to ensuring a living wage for cleaners. On Homeaglow, you set your own rate, which guarantees you’ll be fairly compensated for the hours you work. You’ll also be paid weekly to make managing your expenses easier.

If you’d like to become a cleaner and start earning straight immediately, apply to become a cleaner on Homeaglow.

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