Handy Cleaning Service Review

What’s it like when you hire Handy to clean your home? Compare Handy based on their prices, what cleaners get paid, and more.

Comparing the 5 best house cleaning service companies

More than 10,000 homes are cleaned every week by cleaners on Homeaglow, with an average of at least one home cleaned every minute. Cleaners on Homeaglow also have more than 500,000 5-star reviews from happy customers.

But is Homeaglow the right choice when compared to Handy? To help you decide, we’ve created a direct comparison that includes hourly prices, service, wages, and more.

Handy vs Homeaglow

Homeaglow Handy
Coverage 1500+ Cities across all 50 States 497 Cities across US
Standard Hourly Rate $48/hr $100/hr+
Introductory Offer 3 hours for $19 2 x 3hr cleanings for $199
Reduced Hourly Rate for Members $18/hr with ForeverClean Membership
Share Membership Discount w/ Family
Happiness Guarantee
24/7 Online Booking
Choose Your Cleaner
Keep Regular Cleaner
Cleaners Background Checked
Additional Services Included
For example, laundry if booked time remaining.
Cleaning Products Provided
Book a Cleaning

Handy pricing and costs

When you book through Handy, expect to pay an average of $100/hour plus for the service. Prices vary dependent on the service you choose, the area you live in, and which individual you hire.

Cleaners on Homeaglow are significantly cheaper, with an average hourly rate of $48. If you become a ForeverClean member (at an additional charge), you’ll pay as little as $18/hour for cleaning services.

Handy cost per hour

The average cost on Handy is $100/hr or more. This is around twice the price or more of booking a cleaner on Homeaglow.

Handy cleaning service

The service offered by Handy and Homeaglow is similar, with the exact service you’ll receive agreed with your chosen cleaner. The major difference between the two is price.

What’s included in a basic clean?

With both Handy and Homeaglow, what’s included in your clean is up to you. When you book your cleaning, you’ll agree with the cleaner what will be cleaned and how long the cleaning will take.

A basic cleaning booked through Handy or Homeaglow is likely to contain similar things, such as cleaning your bedrooms, living room, common areas, bathrooms, and kitchen. For each room, the most common steps are dusting, tidying, vacuuming, mopping, and sanitizing surfaces.

The process of booking a cleaner is also similar through Handy and Homeaglow. On each platform, you can see cleaner reviews, ratings, bios, and how many cleanings they’ve completed. This allows you to book your cleaning with confidence as you know who will be visiting your home.

The biggest difference between Handy and Homeaglow is the price. Handy averages $100+ for an hour’s work. When you book a cleaner with Homeaglow, you can expect to pay around $48 an hour. If you become a Homeaglow ForeverClean member, you’ll pay as little as $18 an hour.

Additional services

Handy and Homeaglow offer similar additional services, however, with Homeaglow extra services are included at no charge when they fit within your booked time.

Additional services offered by Handy and Homeaglow include washing and drying your laundry, cleaning your interior windows, cleaning inside your fridge, cleaning inside your cabinets, cleaning inside your oven, and cleaning your baseboards.

To request extra services with Handy, you need to add them to your booking request. To request extra services with Homeaglow, simply discuss them with your cleaner prior to your cleaning taking place. Extra services are charged at the same flat rate as the rest of your cleaning.

Handy reviews

Both Handy and Homeaglow have a variety of reviews across a range of platforms. Homeaglow customers leave 25,500 5-star reviews per month. This compares to an all-time total of 19,671 reviews on Trustpilot.

To give you an idea of what people are saying, these are example reviews from Trustpilot and Yelp:

Example Handy reviews

Positive: “Devin B. Was pleasant and went above and beyond with his service. I will have him return.”

Negative: “I wish I could give 0 ..no call no show .. nightmare!”

Example Homeaglow reviews

Positive: “My oven looks like new. My fridge shined and my microwave cart cleaned. Everything was done with patience and a smile.”

Negative: “I have to give props to the cleaner for moving mountains to get to my house, but lack of communication was very frustrating.”

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Handy jobs: what's it like to work for Handy?

If you find cleaning work through Handy, you’ll be working as an independent contractor and you can expect to earn an average of $16.20/hour.

Working for Handy and Homeaglow is likely to be similar, with the main difference being that you are likely to earn more per hour with Homeaglow.

Working conditions

Working conditions are similar on both Handy and Homeaglow. You work as your own boss and you only accept the jobs you want. This gives you control over when you work and for whom you work. Working for either Handy or Homeaglow gives you the convenience of being able to fit your work around other responsibilities like childcare.

Pay rate

The pay you earn cleaning is likely to be different with Handy and Homeaglow. Handy advertises that its average pay rate for cleaners is $16.20/hour, with a max of $22/hour. The amount you earn is dependent on the area you service, with some areas paying less than others.

At the time of writing, Homeaglow pays an average of approximately $5 more an hour than Handy. This means more in your pocket for the time you spend cleaning. With Homeaglow, you set your own rate so that you have control over how much you earn.

If you’d like to become a cleaner and start earning straight immediately, apply to become a cleaner on Homeaglow.

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