6 Proven Techniques for Removing Wax From Carpet

Remove wax from your carpet like a professional with our best wax removal methods. We break it down by cleaning method and wax type.

Candlelight creates a cozy and intimate atmosphere that everyone enjoys—until wax drips all over your carpet. Fortunately, removing wax from carpet is relatively simple and involves things you already own, such as an iron, paper towels, or ice. 

You have your best chance of a clean, wax-free carpet as long as you deal with the issue straight away. But, if your wax spilled weeks ago, fret not. You can still get it out. Continue reading to discover the best and most reliable ways to remove wax from your carpet or rug.

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How to remove wax from carpet

Prepare your supplies first. You’ll need an iron, a vacuum, and paper towels.

Step 1: Allow the wax to harden completely. Even if a crust has developed on the surface, the inside of the resin can burn you.

Step 2: Scrape excess hardened wax with a non-sharp tool such as a butter knife or teaspoon. If there are a lot of little crumbs, vacuum the carpet thoroughly to eliminate them.

Step 3: Turn on the iron at the lowest setting. This is usually the ironing option for fragile textiles. Do not use the "steam" function.

Step 4: Take paper towels or an absorbent clean rag and apply to the wax stain.

Step 5: Place the warm iron on the paper towels. The wax will melt and become absorbed by the towel or rag. Replace with a fresh part of the cloth and repeat as needed.

How to remove wax from carpet without an iron

If you don’t have an iron at home or would like to try other methods to remove wax from carpet, try one of these. 

Warm pot method

If you don’t have an iron, a warm pot can be used in the same way. This procedure can be time-consuming, so be patient.

Ice method

This method for removing wax and wax stains from the carpet involves ice. Place a few ice cubes in a sealed plastic bag so that it doesn’t dampen the surface of the carpet as you work. 

Step 1: Place your ice blocks in a leakproof ice bag.

Step 2: Place the ice bag on the stain and press firmly. The wax will get even harder, but the carpet won't become wet. Ensure the wax is firm and dry

Step 3: Use a butter knife to scrape the wax carefully. Be careful not to damage your carpet.

Step 4: Use a vacuum to pick up the chunks of wax as they come loose.

Step 5: Use a standard carpet detergent to dampen and remove leftover stains.

Step 6: Use a fresh towel to absorb any excess liquid and allow the area to air dry.

Turpentine and ammonia method

This method involves using turpentine and ammonia to remove wax and wax stains. It is best suited for light-colored wool and synthetic pile carpets. To make this cleaning solution, use 1 part turpentine and 1 part ammonia. Test the solution on an inconspicuous part of your carpet first, then apply the mix to the wax location with a sponge. Once the mixture is dry, use a fine brush to remove the wax residues.

Hairdryer method 

Step 1: Leave the wax to dry and harden. Then scrape with a blunt knife. Vacuum any loose wax fragments from the carpet.

Step 2: Place a paper towel or a damp and clean cloth on the stain.

Step 3: Next, run the hair dryer over the towel and set it to a low or medium temperature. The remaining wax should melt and be absorbed into the towel.

Step 4: Repeat until all the wax has been lifted from the carpet.

Step 5: Finally, clean the stained area with rubbing alcohol or a typical carpet cleaning agent and leave it to dry naturally.

Vinegar method 

Vinegar and baking soda can help in a range of cleaning tasks, from removing crayon off your wall, or a sticky residue from your mirror. It’s also useful in removing wax from carpet. Test this method on an inconspicuous part of carpet first.

Step 1: Sprinkle some baking soda on the stain, then set it for approximately a minute.

Step 2: Next, pour vinegar on the baking soda to remove the stain. Apply vinegar until all of the baking soda has dissolved.

Step 3: Blot the mixture with a clean cloth and vacuum any remnant particles.

How to deal with different types of wax 

Candle wax

Here’s how to remove candle wax: 

  • Remove as much candle wax from the carpet as possible. If necessary, use ice to solidify the wax and make it simpler to chisel away.
  • Place a paper towel or clean cloth on the spilled wax area once this is complete and you have cleaned the leftover pieces.
  • Take your iron or hairdryer and run it over the paper towel in the lowest setting. Candle wax is designed to melt at low temperatures, allowing the paper towel to absorb the wax and draw it away from the carpet. If you have a lot of wax to remove, keep changing the paper towel and repeat the process.

Melted wax

Prepare a mixture of acetone and isopropyl alcohol to remove melted wax from your carpet. Soak a cotton pad or paper towel in the solvent and apply it to the affected area. Test on an inconspicuous part of carpet first. 

Dried wax

  • Place a moist white cloth on the wax and iron on medium heat. The wax will become bound to the fabric. 
  • To remove any residue, use rubbing alcohol.

Hot wax

  • Scrape away any excess wax with a scraper. 
  • Next, wipe away any residual wax with a paper towel or moist cloth. 
  • Then, place a fresh paper towel on the spilled wax area and run a medium-hot iron over it for a few seconds. Once you finish doing that, remove any wax residue with rubbing alcohol.

Body wax/hair removal wax

Like candle wax, you can remove body wax from carpets with similar methods. 

  • First, cover the wax with a paper towel or clean cloth. 
  • Turn your iron to low heat and rub it over the paper towel. Remember not to use your iron's steam setting. 
  • You can also use a hairdryer or a warm pan to melt the wax and transfer it to the paper towel.
  • Repeat the procedure until no more wax is left.

Soft wax

  • Place a clean cotton towel or paper towel, folded in half, over the wax. 
  • For 10 seconds, press an iron set to medium or high over the towel. 
  • Repeat the process with a clean side of the cotton towel or a fresh towel until there’s no wax on your carpet. 

Remove wax from your carpet in no time

There are many ways to remove wax from your carpet. While using an iron is the simplest method, there are other methods like freezing, using ammonia, or a hairdryer that you can use depending on the kind of wax and carpet. Whichever method you choose, be sure to test it on an inconspicuous part of your carpet first. 

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