How to Clean a Window Without Windex

Out of Windex? Not a problem. This is how you keep your mirrors shiny and streak-free using products you've already got around the house.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall — who has the cleanest mirrors of all? (Spoiler alert: it’s you!).

We all know that mirrors are magnets for dust, finger marks, and smudges — and it can be a constant battle to keep them streak-free and shiny.

Windex is designed to clean glass and mirrors, but if you’ve run out, or if you don’t like the smell or the chemicals contained in this glass cleaner, there are other options you can use instead. And the best part is you’ve probably got everything you need right in your kitchen. These are our top tips on how to clean a mirror without Windex.

If your mirrors haven’t been cleaned for a long time, you can always book a professional, affordable cleaner to take care of all your mirrors and windows through Homeaglow.

What can I use to clean a mirror without Windex?

The secret to clean and shiny mirrors comes down to your cleaning products and techniques.

Windex is awesome at getting your mirrors to sparkle, but the main ingredient in this product is ammonia. This is a strong chemical that can irritate your eyes, skin, and lungs. It also has a very strong smell which many people can’t tolerate in their home.

If you’re looking for safe, natural alternatives to Windex, our DIY options below are every bit as good at shining up your mirrors.

Homeaglow Pro Tip: Microfiber cloths are essential for a streak free finish. Make sure you stock up on these so you can use a wet cloth for cleaning, and a dry cloth for a professional shine.

White vinegar

White vinegar is a fantastic all-round cleaner with natural disinfectant properties. It's great for everything from cleaning a glass stove to cleaning a microwave. It’s also wonderful for cleaning mirrors.

You’ll need:

  • 2 cups of water
  • ½ cup of white vinegar

Yes, it’s that simple. Mix these two ingredients together in a spray bottle, and shake well. Spray your vinegar solution onto your mirror and wipe it down from top to bottom in a zig-zag motion with a microfiber cloth. Buff the mirror to a dazzling shine with a fresh microfiber cloth.

Homeaglow Pro Tip: If you find the odor of the vinegar a little overpowering, you can add a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil to the spray bottle. Lemon and orange oils are especially good for a fresh fragrance.

Rubbing alcohol

If your mirrors haven’t been cleaned for ages, and you need some extra firepower, we recommend using rubbing alcohol.

Rubbing alcohol can easily remove stubborn stains like makeup, toothpaste, and sticky finger marks.

You’ll need:

  • 1 cup of water
  • 3 Tbsps white vinegar
  • ¼ cup of rubbing alcohol

Add the ingredients to a spray bottle, and shake well to mix. Spray the solution directly onto your mirror and wipe the surface from top to bottom in a zig-zag motion with a microfiber cloth. Dry and polish with a second (dry) microfiber cloth to remove any last streaks.

Rubbing alcohol is flammable, and it’s toxic if it’s ingested, so make sure you label the spray bottle and store it in a safe place after use.

Homeaglow Pro Tip: You can also dab rubbing alcohol directly onto stubborn mirror stains using a cotton pad to spot-clean before you begin cleaning the rest of the mirror.

Liquid dish soap

If you don’t have vinegar or rubbing alcohol in the house, or if the smell of vinegar makes you feel queasy, try liquid dish soap. It’s also a great mirror cleaner.

You’ll need:

  • A couple of squirts of liquid dish soap
  • A gallon of warm water

Add the soap to a bucket or large bowl, then add the warm water to dissolve the soap. Wet a microfiber cloth in the solution, then begin to clean your mirror from the top to bottom using a zig-zag motion.

Let the mirror dry for a few minutes, then polish with a fresh microfiber cloth.

Homeaglow Pro Tip: Avoid using too much dish soap, as this can cause your mirror to get extra streaky.

Dryer sheets

Did you know you can also use dryer sheets to clean a mirror? Although they contain chemicals, they’re great for collecting dust due to their anti-static properties. And it’s a good way to get more use out of each sheet.

If you only need to give your mirrors a light clean and remove everyday dust, this is a fast way to do it.

You’ll need:

  • Used dryer sheets
  • Spray bottle full of water

Simply spray your mirror with water, then use the dryer sheets to dry, clean, and shine.

Shaving cream

We love to throw in the odd, weird cleaning tip (like cleaning walls with peanut butter). Shaving cream is one of our favorite secrets for cleaning a mirror if you don’t have any of the above solutions on hand.

You can use any brand of shaving cream. Simply squirt some out of the can and apply it to your mirror, then wipe clean with your trusty microfiber cloth.

Homeaglow Pro Tip: The shaving cream method will also stop your bathroom mirror from fogging up when you have a shower.

Can you clean a mirror with water?

We get asked this question a lot and the answer is yes, you can clean a mirror with water only.

This is an ideal solution if your mirrors are only dusty or mildly dirty. We recommend one of the stronger solutions above to get rid of extra smears and smudges.

You’ll need:

  • A spray bottle full of water
  • Clean microfiber cloth

Spray water onto your mirror from the top to bottom, then wipe the surface down with your cloth in a zig-zag motion. Use a second microfiber cloth to buff and de-streak.

Storing your DIY mirror cleaner safely

If you don’t want to mix up new mirror cleaning solutions all the time, here’s how to store them safely:

  • Use brand new spray bottles or thoroughly washed used bottles for your mirror cleaners to avoid contaminating them with previous cleaners and chemicals
  • Use darker colored/tinted spray bottles to prevent solutions breaking down in sunlight
  • Label each spray bottle clearly for safety
  • Store your cleaners away from pets and kids
  • Store your microfiber cloths with your mirror cleaners to ensure you don’t use them for anything else

You’ll never need Windex again

You don’t have to buy harsh chemical cleaners like Windex to get shiny, streak-free mirrors. Everything you need is already in your home.

Even plain tap water can help you see your beautiful face in the mirror again - as long as you use the right cleaning techniques, and keep your trusty microfiber cloths on hand.

We know that cleaning mirrors and windows in your home can be a lot of hard work, but the Homeaglow team is always available to help out when you need us. Find and book your perfect cleaner online today.

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