How To Clean A Chandelier On A High Ceiling

Cleaning a high chandelier combines the perils of height with the need for careful cleaning. Learn the best ways to clean your chandelier on a high ceiling.

Chandeliers can lend a timeless air of elegance to any home, but they can also feel daunting to clean, especially if they’re mounted on a high ceiling. 

Unless you’re one of the Addams Family, it’s important that you regularly tend to your chandeliers to avoid a heavy buildup of cobwebs and dust.

In this post, we explain our top tips on how to clean a chandelier on a high ceiling easily and safely to avoid damaging any delicate crystals and surfaces on this intricate light fitting.

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Before you start

Follow these quick tips for safe chandelier cleaning before you begin:

  • Turn the chandelier off before you start the cleaning process
  • Ensure you have good natural or alternative light sources in the room so you can clean your chandelier thoroughly
  • Wear gloves to prevent getting finger marks and smudges on the chandelier as you work
  • Place a large towel or sheet under the chandelier as you clean to catch any dust, debris, or drips
  • Don’t be tempted to turn the chandelier around as you’re cleaning. This can loosen the supports that connect your chandelier to the ceiling
  • Use soft cloths (we recommend microfiber cloths) to polish and dry
  • Use gentle cleaning solutions and avoid any harsh chemicals that can degrade your chandelier

Can you clean a hanging chandelier without taking it down?

If your chandelier needs a good clean, you may be worried that you’ll have to take it down from the ceiling, and possibly disassemble it. 

The good news is that this time-consuming task isn’t usually necessary, especially if you keep up a regular cleaning and dusting routine of these lights.

However, if you’re worried about the structural integrity of an old, heavy chandelier, it can be a good idea to take it down and check all the pieces thoroughly while you clean it.

How to clean a chandelier on a high ceiling

What you’ll need

  • A sturdy ladder that will help you get closer to the light fitting
  • A good duster
  • Spray bottle
  • Liquid dish soap
  • White vinegar
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Warm water
  • Microfiber cloths
  • Cleaning gloves

If your chandelier is on a high ceiling, you’ll most likely need a ladder to help you get close enough to clean it properly. 

Use a duster to get all the dust off the surfaces of your chandelier. We recommend you opt for a magnetized duster (or a similar soft cleaning stick) rather than a feather duster. 

A magnetized duster will attract the dirt from your chandelier directly onto the cloth, whereas a traditional duster will send dust swirling around in the air, which can eventually settle back onto your chandelier, undoing all your hard work.

Once you’ve completed the dusting step, mix a few squirts of liquid dish soap and warm water together in your spray bottle. Use this solution to gently spray the surfaces of your chandelier, wiping down these surfaces as you go using a soft, clean cloth.

For most chandeliers, this cleaning method is all you need to get it looking fresh and sparkling again.

How to clean a crystal chandelier with vinegar

If you have a crystal or glass chandelier, you can safely use a cleaning solution prepared with white vinegar to remove dirt and dust buildup.

Vinegar is a fantastic multi-purpose house cleaner, and it also has natural anti-bacterial properties that can help you tackle all sorts of challenges from getting coffee out of carpet, to removing sticky residue from mirrors and glass.

Mix one part vinegar to three parts of warm water in a spray bottle. Working your way around the chandelier section by section, spray the surfaces with this solution, cleaning and polishing with a microfiber cloth as you go.

If your chandelier has brass elements, you can use this vinegar solution to polish any tarnished areas. Wet a clean cloth with the vinegar solution, then dip the cloth into some plain table salt. Scrub at any tarnished areas until they’re shiny again, then polish them up with a soft cloth.

How to clean a crystal chandelier with isopropyl alcohol

For a chandelier that has a lot of crystals, you’ll want to get it as shiny and streak-free as possible. This cleaning method includes isopropyl alcohol that can turn a dull light fitting back into a sparkling masterpiece in minutes.

We recommend you use cleaning gloves for this one to protect your skin and prevent getting finger marks on the crystal surfaces.

In a spray bottle, mix together four parts of water (distilled water is preferable) and one part of isopropyl alcohol. 

Spray this solution onto a cloth and begin cleaning your chandelier. We don’t recommend spraying this solution directly onto the chandelier surface, as any alcohol spray drift could potentially discolor the fabric on soft furnishings that are underneath your chandelier.

Ensure you clean your chandelier regularly

No matter what style of chandelier you have, it will be a lot easier to maintain if you ensure it’s regularly dusted and cleaned.

We recommend dusting your chandelier weekly, and giving it a deep clean every couple of months to remove dirt buildup from the chandelier’s surfaces and crystals. 

Keeping up a good cleaning schedule will also increase the longevity of these beautiful light fittings.

It’s simple to bring the sparkle back to your chandeliers 

With a regular cleaning schedule, dusting and polishing a chandelier on a high ceiling is a breeze. You won’t need to take it down from your ceiling or disassemble it, and you can quickly freshen your light fittings up with natural cleaning solutions that you have around your home.

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