Cleaning Fireplace Glass: How to Do It Right

Learn how to clean fireplace glass like a pro. Everything you need to know about cleaning glass on gas and wood fireplace doors, and fire glass for fire pits.

Fireplaces are a beautiful addition to any home and the perfect setting for life’s cozy moments. But, over time, soot and dirt can accumulate on the glass doors, diminishing your fireplace's charm, efficiency, and safety.

In this article, we will show how to clean fireplace glass using several different methods. You’ll learn all the practical steps to clean your fireplace glass doors and fire glasses the right way.

What you’ll need

  • White vinegar
  • Water
  • Spray bottle
  • Newspapers
  • A soft cloth or paper towels


Cleaning fireplace glass: Safety tips and setup

  • Allow the fireplace to cool for at least 24 hours before cleaning the glass doors. This ensures the glass is not hot and reduces the risk of burns.
  • Wear gloves and safety goggles to protect your hands and eyes.
  • Open windows or doors and ensure proper ventilation in the room to prevent the accumulation of fumes or chemicals.
  • If your fireplace has removable glass doors, remove them before cleaning to have easier access to the glass and prevent accidental damage.
  • Use appropriate cleaning products safe for fireplace glass and avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that may scratch or damage the glass surface.
  • During the cleaning process, keep children and pets at a safe distance to prevent accidents or exposure to cleaning agents.
  • To minimize the buildup of soot and residue, regularly clean the fireplace glass doors to maintain their appearance and ensure optimal performance.

How to clean fireplace glass doors: 2 ways

To clean fireplace glass doors, first cool the fireplace fully. Then, mix equal parts vinegar and water in a spray bottle and spray the doors. Let it sit for 10 minutes, then use a newspaper or soft cloth to wipe the glass doors in a circular motion. Lastly, rinse the doors with water and thoroughly dry them.

Method 1: Vinegar and newspaper

To clean your fireplace glass doors with vinegar and newspaper, follow these detailed instructions.

Prep the fireplace

Before you begin cleaning, ensure that the fireplace is completely cool. This will prevent any potential accidents or burns during the cleaning process.

Mix and apply the vinegar solution

In a spray bottle, mix equal parts white vinegar and water. Shake the bottle to mix the solution thoroughly. Then spray the vinegar and water mixture generously on the fireplace glass doors, ensuring thorough coverage.

The vinegar’s acidity helps to break down the accumulated residue and grime.

Give it time to break down the grime

Allow the vinegar solution to sit on the glass doors for 5 to 10 minutes. However, if you have particularly stubborn stains or heavy buildup, let it sit for up to 15 minutes to give the vinegar more time to penetrate and loosen the dirt.

Wipe the fireplace glass door clean

Take a piece of newspaper and crumple it into a ball. Then use the crumpled newspaper to wipe the glass doors in a circular motion. The texture of the newspaper helps scrub away the grime without scratching the glass surface. 

When the newspaper becomes saturated or dirty, replace it with a fresh piece and continue wiping until all the grime and residue is removed from the glass doors.

You can use a soft cloth or paper towel if you don't have a newspaper. Start from the top, work your way down, and thoroughly cover the entire surface. 

You may need to repeat the process for more stubborn stains or heavy buildup.

Rinse and dry

After wiping away the dirt and grime, rinse the glass doors with clean water to remove any remaining vinegar solution. Then, thoroughly dry the glass surface using a dry cloth or paper towel.

Method 2: Baking soda paste

Here is how you clean fireplace glass with a baking soda paste. 

  • Mix the paste: Mix baking soda and water in a bowl to create a paste. Aim for a consistency thick enough to spread easily but not too runny.
  • Apply to glass: Apply the paste evenly on the entire surface of the glass doors. Use a spatula or a soft cloth to spread. 
  • Let sit: Allow the paste to sit on the glass doors for 10-15 minutes. This will give it time to penetrate and loosen any grime or soot buildup.
  • Scrub gently: Use a soft cloth, sponge, or non-abrasive scrub brush to gently scrub the glass doors in a circular motion. 
  • Rinse well: After scrubbing the dirt, rinse the glass doors with clean water to thoroughly remove the baking soda paste. 
  • Dry with a cloth: Dry the glass doors well using a soft cloth or paper towels. This will prevent streaks or water spots from forming.
  • Inspect: Inspect the glass doors for any remaining residue or stains. If needed, repeat the cleaning process.

If you’d like to clean your entire fireplace and are unsure of which cleaners work best for your type of fireplace, we’ve got you covered. Read our top tips for picking and using a fireplace cleaner.

How to clean fire glass in a fireplace or fire pit

To clean fire glass, fill a bucket with mild dish soap and water. Soak the fire glass for 10-15 minutes in the solution, then gently scrub the glass with a sponge. After scrubbing, rinse thoroughly with clean water and dry with towels. Once dry, carefully return the fire glass to your fireplace or fire pit. 

What you’ll need

  • Mild dish soap
  • Water
  • Spray bottle
  • Soft cloth or sponge

Steps to clean

  • Shut off gas: Shut down the gas supply for your fire pit or fireplace and ensure it’s completely cool before cleaning. This ensures safety during the cleaning process. 
  • Mix solution: Fill a bucket with mild dish soap and water and make it into suds.
  • Place fire glass in solution: Remove the fire glass from the fireplace or fire pit and carefully place it into the bucket of soapy water. 
  • Soak: Ensure that the fire glass is fully submerged and allow it to soak in the soapy solution for approximately 10-15 minutes. This lets the soap penetrate and loosen any stubborn dirt or buildup on the glass pieces.
  • Gently scrub: Use a soft cloth or sponge to scrub each fire glass gently. Pay close attention to areas with heavy stains or residue and ensure thorough coverage by rotating and turning each piece as you clean.
  • Rinse well: Rinse the fire glass thoroughly with clean water to remove any soap residue and debris. You can use a gentle stream of water or carefully pour water over the fire glass.
  • Dry thoroughly: Spread out the fire glass evenly across a towel or cloth until it’s completely dry. 
  • Replace fire glass: Finally, place the fire glass back into the fireplace or fire pit, ensuring it is evenly spread and arranged. 

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Clean your fireplace glass doors and fire glass easily

By following the steps we’ve outlined in this article, you can easily and safely clean your fireplace glass door or fire glass. 

Meanwhile, when you’re ready to use your fireplace or fire pit again, maintain a safe distance between the firewood and the doors to minimize the likelihood of residue accumulating on the glass surface. 

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