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What if I'm not satisfied with the cleaning?

Your satisfaction is our top priority.

  • If your appointment has ended but you're not satisfied, we ask that you start by contacting your cleaner. Often times, your cleaner can:
    • Come back and do a fixup or touchup
    • Offer a refund if they:
      • Were unable to stay for the full time booked
      • Charged too many hours
      • Accidentally damaged an item
  • If your cleaner is unable to rectify the issue at hand, please Leave a Review and/or formally Request a Full/Partial Refund
  • Finally, if for any reason you’re still having trouble reaching an agreement with your cleaner, you have the option to involve Homeaglow 72 hours after you initially contacted your Cleaner.
    • When to involve Homeaglow:
      • You’ve not received a response from your Cleaning Professional within 72 hours
      • You’re unable to reach an agreement
      • You’d like Homeaglow to make a final decision based on Homeaglow policies
      • You don’t feel comfortable continuing the conversation with your Cleaning Professional

Please keep in mind that when you choose to involve Homeaglow, you agree to accept the decision that we reach, and understand that all decisions are final.

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