Molly Maid Cleaning Service Review

What’s it like to use Molly Maid to clean your home? Compare Molly Maid based on their prices, what cleaners get paid, and more.

Comparing the 5 best house cleaning service companies

More than 10,000 homes are cleaned every week by cleaners on Homeaglow. That averages out to one home cleaned every minute. Cleaners on Homeaglow also have more than 500,000 5-star reviews from happy customers.

But is Homeaglow the right choice for you when compared to Molly Maid? To help you decide, we’ve created a direct comparison that includes pricing, services, wages, and more.

Molly Maid vs Homeaglow

Homeaglow Molly Maid
Coverage 1500+ Cities across all 50 States 450 locations across 41 States
Standard Hourly Rate $48/hr $95/hr
Introductory Offer 3 hours for $19
Reduced Hourly Rate for Members $18/hr with ForeverClean Membership
Share Membership Discount w/ Family
Happiness Guarantee
24/7 Online Booking
Choose Your Cleaner
Keep Regular Cleaner
Cleaners Background Checked
Additional Services Included
For example, laundry if booked time remaining.
Cleaning Products Provided
Book a Cleaning

Molly Maid pricing and costs

Cleaning services booked through Molly Maid cost an average of $95/hour. To find out exactly how much Molly Maid charges in your area, you’ll need to contact the company and have a Molly Maid franchisee visit your home.

Homeaglow is more transparent than Molly Maid with pricing. Cleaners on Homeaglow cost an average of $48/hour, but are available for as low as $18/hour when you pay for a ForeverClean membership. Bookings can be made on Homeaglow at any time and no initial consultation is required.

Molly Maid cost per hour

Molly Maid charges an average of $95/hour to clean your home. This is around the average price for a major cleaning service but is around double what you’d pay a cleaner through Homeaglow.

Molly Maid cleaning service

You’re likely to get a similar quality cleaning from Molly Maid and Homeaglow, but Molly Maid doesn’t offer any additional services.

What’s included in a basic clean

Whether you book your cleaning through Homeaglow or Molly Maid, you’ll agree prior to your cleaning on what you want cleaned, and the length of your cleaning. You can request a deep clean of your entire home which will cost more or you can target particular rooms, like your kitchen and bathroom, which will bring the price down.

A basic cleaning through Molly Maid and Homeaglow is likely to contain the same things. Through both services, you can expect to have your kitchen, laundry room, living room, dining room, bedrooms, and bathrooms cleaned. For each of those rooms, you can expect it will be dusted, vacuumed, mopped, and the surfaces sanitized.

The big difference between Molly Maid and Homeaglow is the ability to choose your own cleaner. On Molly Maid, you’re unable to select which cleaners will visit your home and you’re unable to see reviews of individual cleaners. This means you’ll need to trust that the service sends you engaged, reliable cleaners.

On Homeaglow, you choose who cleans your home. For every cleaner in your area, you can see reviews, a bio, and the number of cleanings they’ve completed. You can also change cleaners at any time and can try different cleaners before settling on your favorite.

Additional services

Molly Maid does not advertise offering additional services, like stacking your dishwasher or washing your dishes. Homeaglow offers a variety of additional services which can be completed at no extra charge as long as you’ve booked enough time with your cleaner.

Additional services offered by Homeaglow include washing and drying your laundry, cleaning your interior windows, cleaning inside your fridge, cleaning inside your cabinets, cleaning inside your oven, and cleaning your baseboards. To request these services, simply discuss them with your cleaner prior to your cleaning taking place.

Molly Maid reviews

Molly Maid and Homeaglow have a variety of reviews across a range of platforms. Homeaglow customers leave 25,500 5-star reviews per month. This compares to an all-time total for Molly Maid of 5,706 reviews on Yelp.

To get an idea of what people are saying, both good and bad, we visited Yelp. These are examples of positive and negative reviews made by customers.

Example Molly Maid reviews

Positive: “From the initial contact I was very pleased how helpful and professional they all are.”

Negative: “Way overpriced and totally uncompetitive for a domestic clean.”

Example Homeaglow reviews

Positive: “My oven looks like new. My fridge shined and my microwave cart cleaned. Everything was done with patience and a smile.”

Negative: “I have to give props to the cleaner for moving mountains to get to my house, but lack of communication was very frustrating.”

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Molly Maid jobs: what's it like to work for Molly Maid?

When you take a job with Molly Maid, you’re taking a job with a Molly Maid franchisee in your area. The franchisee will determine your pay rate and be responsible for hiring you. When choosing whether you work for Molly Maid, we suggest you review the conditions and pay rates in your area.

Working conditions

At Molly Maid, you’ll be working for a franchisee. This means you’ll be hired by someone who has bought a franchise from the main Molly Maid brand. Your rights and obligations will depend on which state you work. However, with Molly Maid, you won’t be able to choose whose homes you clean or exactly when you work.

When you work through Homeaglow, you’re your own boss and you get to choose exactly who you work for and when. This gives you the freedom to work when you please and makes it easier to fit your work in around your other commitments.

Pay rate

Molly Maid doesn't publish a standard pay rate for their cleaners. Based on their job ads, it appears they pay from $12 per hour, which is quite low for the effort involved in cleaning a home.

Homeaglow is dedicated to ensuring a living wage for cleaners, allowing you to choose how much you earn. On Homeaglow, you set your own rate, which guarantees you’ll be fairly compensated for the hours you work. You’ll also be paid weekly to make managing your expenses easier.

If you’d like to start earning more as a cleaner, become a cleaner on Homeaglow.

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